Monday, June 9, 2008

NYTimes article about Richard Reynolds

Hi all here is a link to an article in today's New York Times Magazine about Richard Reynolds, and guerrilla gardening. I hope you will enjoy it (there is even a seed bomb how to video clip!)

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Kali Das said...

Mr. Reynolds' unseemly appearance belies an overly protective sensibility as regards public land. While I applaud his interventions on behalf of the landscaping impulse, I question his aesthetic hegemony: What if local residents don't agree with his choice of flower or shrub? Does he transcend the trite taste of corporate decorators committed to signifying multinational dominance over signed space, not to mention the referents to a history of conquest and the "landscaping" of formerly wild landscapes? Mr. Reynolds needs to present a more rigorous critical position if he wishes to avoid becoming an unwitting tool of a culturally supremacist oligarchy.

His resolute avoidance of the "deep ecology" frame of reference is unsettling; the concept that landscaped space is superior to wild space plays into the masculinist patriarchal notion that subjugation of the eternal feminine, as nature, is somehow imperitive for survival. What is Mr. Reynolds afraid of? What would be the harm in clearing the debris and letting nature take its course?

We fear wildness and seek to tame it; but we can also let it tame us, let our fear humble us into seeing it, and our relationship to it, more clearly. But this would be to seek a relationship with the mysterious, eternal femine on an equal footing or even a subservient one, something we are not at present, as a culture, prepared to do.