Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cash Cart!

Hello all, sorry i don't seem to post anymore, but here is a new one:

I found another photo on the ground tonight, I also met Rhonda, she is working at collecting bottles to get by, she is not homeless right now, she is staying in the basement of a friends place, but they are being evicted soon.

I’m not sure how this came up in our conversation but Rhonda mentioned a show called Cash Cab, I wouldn’t have had a clue what she was talking about if it were not for my Jury duty this summer, I saw part of this show while I was waiting in the juries pool. Cash cab happens in NYC, someone gets in a cab and tells the driver where they want to go, and then it turns into a game show where the cabbie asks the rider questions during the length of the trip for cash prizes, the rider has an option to ask the cab to pull over so they can roll down the window and ask a passer by for help with an answer. A brilliant show!

Anyhow somehow Rhonda and I came up with the idea for a version called “Cash Cart” where she could ask the questions to someone who would walk along with her, and they would win a bottle for each correct answer, she suggested they might get a bottle over the head for a wrong answer, there would also be an option for the contestant to ask another passerby for help on the answer.

I hope Rhonda will call me to collaborate on this idea, I think cash cart could be amazing!

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